0844 Numbers

Buy a 0844 number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.

  • Set up Fee: FROM £5.00
  • Monthly Rental: £5.00
  • Pence Per Minute: If to a landline: 2p (We Pay You), if to a mobile: 9p (You Pay Us)

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0844 Numbers

0844 Numbers are the most cost effective way of earning revenue from non-geographic numbers.

Just like other non-geographic numbers the 0844 number allows a business to be flexible in terms of their communications needs. It allows a busy line to put calls in a queue or even forward the call to another location.

Now with 2p rebate, you can earn more with your 0844 Number.

Advertising Your 0844 Number

Advertising 084x numbers now requires you to make it clear to your customers about the cost to call (as of 1st July, 2015).

We will make you aware of your 'cost to call' on order completion, but if you don't know your 'cost to call', please call us on 0207 760 7600.

Example Message: "Calls will cost up to 7 pence per minute, plus your phone company's access charge."

Pricing - 0844 Numbers

Set up Fee:
FROM £5.00

Monthly Rental:

Pence Per Minute:
If to a landline: 2p
(We Pay You)

Pence Per Minute:
If to a mobile: 9p
(You Pay Us)

The minimum term
is just 30 days

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0844 Number Service


Every month we will issue you with a fully itemised statement that will clearly show you the number of calls received on your 0844 number. We will also show you the telephone number of the person who has contacted you, the time of the calls received, the duration of the calls, when your busy periods are during the day and week and the cost or rebate of the call. All our statements are itemised to the second so that no hidden charges can be applied.


Only the best is good enough. We consider BT, Cable and Wireless and Opal to be the best networks in the UK and this is why we use their networks for our numbers. Every 0844 number that we provide you with will route over the above networks. This gives you peace of mind that the calls will route without any issues. Don’t settle for a 2nd grade 0844 number provider who offers you the world for free, you might get issues or even lose the number without warning.


We are one of the few 0844 number providers that do not ask you to sign for a long term contract. Our numbers only require 30 days notice to cancel or port. This option keeps us on our toes to make sure that you are getting the best possible value for money. This is why we rarely lose a customer who takes a 0844 number.


Gone are the days when we just pointed a 0844 number to a landline and moved on to the next sale. Now we can make your 0844 number work harder for you. Talk to us about queuing calls, setting up routing at particular times of the day or just something as simple as voicemail. We challenge you to ask us for a service that we can’t build.

Customer Service

We are a UK business (registered in England) and pride ourselves on quality service. You are welcome to call us at any time on any of the numbers at the top of this page. Our opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm and you will almost always get to speak to a real human about your 0844 number.

0844 Numbers – Your Questions Answered.

QHow Quickly Will My 0844 Number Take to Go Live?

AIf you place your order during working hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm), then you can expect your 0844 number to be live within minutes. However if you have place an order and have missed some details off we may have to call you which will delay the process. We always check orders that come in from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other free email addresses due to the high levels of fraud we have encountered. If you are ordering a 0844 number with a free to use email address expect a call from us! If you order a 0844 number when we are closed your number will go live on the morning of the open day.

QWhere Can 0844 Numbers Be Called From?

AYou can call 0844 numbers from UK landlines, Mobiles, Payphones and they can be called from some international locations. Please note that most countries will not guarantee that the call will be routed due to the cost. To call a 0844 number from abroad the user will need to dial +44 844 xxxxxxx (replace the x’s with your 0844 number digits).

QWhy Is It That Memorable 0844 Numbers Are More Expensive to Buy?

AMemorable 0844 numbers are like personal number plates for the business community. Most professional companies will ask for a memorable 0844 number as it gives the perception of a larger organisation. A company with a memorable 0844 number is thinking about their customer and how to make it easy for them to do business. If you think about it providing your customers with a memorable 0844 number will mean that they never have to look for your number to place an order with you. The more memorable the 0844 number the higher the cost will be. It is exactly the same principle as number plates on cars, if you wanted to buy the number plate A1 it would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds but if you wanted AB100 SSS it would only cost you a small fee.

QMy 0844 Number Is Pointing to My Landline. Can I still Use My Landline Number?

AYes, your 0844 number just sits on top of your existing service. Our numbers do not interfere with your existing telephone service at all. People can still call you on your landline and they will still get connected. This is exactly the same principle if your 0844 number is pointed to your mobile phone.

QHow and When Do You Pay Me for My Calls?

AWe pay you a rebate for every call you receive on your 0844 number providing that the number is pointing to a landline. If your 0844 number is pointing to a mobile then there will be a charge for this service. If your number is pointed to a landline we will issue you with a monthly statement showing you the number of calls received, time of the calls, duration of the calls and the persons number who called you (providing they haven’t withheld their number). This statement will show you the amount we owe you in rebate. We can make payment to you straight away or you can roll this balance forward until it becomes a larger figure (most of our customers let the 0844 rebate toll to about £50 before invoicing us). Once you have the statement you must invoice us for the amount and we pay this to you by BACS or cheque.

QCan I Change Where My Number Points to?

AThere are several ways to do this. The first is to send an email asking us to change where you want the number pointed to (include your name and account number in the email for security). Please be aware that if you email us to make a change, we can only do this during working hours. If you need the capability to do this outside of working hours then you will need option two. The second is to purchase the online portal which gives you the capability to manage your 0844 number online 24/7. This service only costs £2.99 per month and can be found by clicking on our additional services page and is available through the order system for 0844.

QHow Much Does It Cost to Call an 0844 Number?

AThe cost to call a 0844 number varies. 0844 numbers can be charged at 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p or 5p to call from landlines. All of our 0844 numbers will cost 5p per minute to call from a UK landline. If you call a 0844 number from a mobile then the cost can be anything between 10p per minute and 25p per minute. Contact your mobile provider who will be able to tell you the cost to call using your tariff.

QCan I Have My 0844 Number As My Outgoing Number?

AAs the 0844 number is just an inbound service it will not affect your outbound phone calls. When you call out, people will see your landline number (or mobile if you are calling from a mobile). The 0844 number will not be shown at all. You can however ask your line provider to present the 0844 number as your outbound number, this is called CLIP (calling line identity presentation). They will charge you to change your CLIP on your phone line and all landline providers have different charges. Once you have your new 0844 number give them a call and ask to see how much CLIP costs. We believe BT’s clip service costs £99 set up and £5 per quarter.

Benefits of Using 0844 Numbers

  •   Fingertip Reporting
  • Understand immediately who has called you and if you allocate a different 0844 number to each variety of your marketing you can quickly understand which advertising works for you. Have a number for your website, a different one for your Vehicles, a different number for Google adverts and a different 0844 number for your advert in Yell. Our reports will show you how many calls you have received on a daily basis allowing you to quickly build a picture of where your customers find you.
  •   Improved Image
  • Tradesmen have learnt very quickly that mobile phone numbers on their van, website and stationery make people nervous. Why not improve your image when advertising for business by listing a 0844 number to call as well as the mobile number.
  •   Controllable
  • Manage your 0844 number online so if you ever need to change where it is pointing to it is under your control. Our bespoke online management service only costs £2.99 per month and this will allow you to change where your 0844 number is pointed to, view real time call stats and we will even give you a free voicemail service. For more information please click here Online Management.
  •   Stop Time Wasters
  • Believe it or not we have had customers use 0844 numbers to stop people wasting their time. As 0844 numbers can cost 5p per minute to call this naturally stops cold callers, prank callers, funny phone calls and general time wasters.
  •   Fail Safe
  • Prepare for the worst! What if your office was involved in a fire and all the staff had to work from home? With our 0844 numbers we can create a disaster recovery service that would allow you to route your inbound calls to any location at the flick of a switch.
  •   Independence
  • Your 0844 number will be able to move around with you if you move location. Move to Moscow and your 0844 number can move with you, move to New York and keep your number. You are no longer limited to where you can move to and keep your number.
  •   Unforgettable
  • That’s what you could be! Spend a little more on the set up fee and buy a memorable 0844 number making you stand out. Some numbers don’t cost hundreds and are good looking. Have a scan through our available 0844 numbers and if you don’t see any you like call us as we have plenty in stock.

Customer Comments About Our 0844 Numbers

About 0844 Gold Numbers

If you have any questions regarding our 0844 number service please feel free to contact us. We can be called on 08448 222 666, SKYPE US or use our online live chat.

0844 gold numbers are our top grade numbers. These are all highly memorable and mainly used for TV Advertising, Radio, News Papers or sometimes just to make companies look larger than they are.

0844 gold numbers work in exactly the same way as a normal grade number. The only difference is the cost to set the number up. They cost more due to their repetitive nature or ease to remember.

We are able to port gold numbers from other networks so if you are having difficulty with your memorable number let us know and we can migrate it to our network.

0844 Gold Numbers do have a 2nd hand value. If you have finished with the number you can simply sell it on or sell it back to us. We have even had some customers sell these 0844 numbers on ebay.

Additional Information About 0844 Numbers That May Interest You.

  •   0844 numbers have been well known as the replacement of 0870 numbers which are now classed as a local/national rate call. As the market of 0870 numbers changed (i.e. the payments people earn from them stopped) then 0844 became the number range of choice. At a maximum of 5p per minute to call them (from a landline) they are not overly expensive to call and the rebate that companies get usually pays towards the cost of servicing the call.
  •   There are already rumours that 0844 numbers will be so popular that the numbers will run out which is one of the reasons why Ofcom have started to issue 0843 numbers. We believe that it will be years until 0844 numbers run out of stock, so don’t panic!
  •   0844 numbers can be routed anywhere in the world and generally we can route to a European landline number and not charge you to receive the call (this certainly works for France, Germany, Spain and Italy) – ask us if you are not sure.