Please call us on any of the following numbers: LONDON: 0207 760 7600 BIRMINGHAM: 0121 673 8002 GLASGOW: 0141 278 3978 CARDIFF: 029 2029 0400 USA: 866 817 4547

Customer Examples

Beko Samsung SKY Unison Elite Telecom Ukraine International Airlines

Beko is one of the largest household appliance producers in Europe. We currently provide Beko with local phone numbers in the UK that onward route to their large customer service centre. This service helps Beko in supporting their local customers by making is cost effective to call them.


Samsung have recently joined City Numbers by taking International phone numbers in both Italy and France.  The Italy Toll Free Number and France Toll Free Number will allow their customers in the country to call Samsung for free as they will be picking up the call costs. International toll free numbers are ideal for companies who want to show that they have a presence in another country without a physical location.


We currently provide 2 x 0800 free phone numbers in China for EASYNET who are a wholly owned company of SKY. The service was set up to encourage customers to join their network in China. The 0800 China toll free number routes back to a UK call centre where calls are answered in the local dialect.


Unison have become one of the latest major organisations to join us as a customer. We have recently provided multiple 0800 numbers with a call whisper on each number so that Unison employees know that the call is for a particular department. The service was ordered and delivered on exactly the same day. Unison also have the capability to change where the numbers are pointed to by using our online portal, this portal also gives them real time call statistics.

Elite Telecom

Elite Telecom are one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the UK. Elite supply services to over 4,500 companies globally and have enjoyed over 20% growth year on year. We have worked with Elite Telecom for just over 4 years and provide international numbers to them on a wholesale basis. Elite's rapid growth is due to their diverse portfolio, world class customer service and strategic acquisitions.

Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines are one of the fastest growing European airlines. We provide phone numbers to Ukraine Airlines in over 20 countries which route straight to the call centre in Ukraine. Countries taken include:- Greece, Germany, Netherlands and more obscure locations like Latvia and Estonia. Ukraine Airlines have been a customer of City Numbers for over 3 years.

City Numbers

Buy a Business Phone Number

0800 numbers

0800 Numbers

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0844 numbers

0844 Numbers

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0845 numbers

0845 Numbers

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0871 numbers

0871 Numbers

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0300 numbers

0300 Numbers

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0300 numbers

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UK virtual numbers

UK Virtual Numbers

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International virtual numbers

International Virtual Numbers

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International TollFree

International Toll Free

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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

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incoming call featuresIncoming Call Features

Find out more about our additional services that compliment our phone numbers. Make your phone number work harder for you by adding additional services. It will improve your customers experience of getting in touch with you. more

telephone answering serviceTelephone Answering

Having potential customers go to your voicemail or missing their calls can be a loss in potential revenue. Look at our telephone answering service and let us help your business succeed. more

Benefits of Using CityNumbers As Your Service Provider

  • Highly memorable 0800, 0845, 0844 and 0871 numbers
  • Instant connection of phone numbers
  • Online and real time call stats using our state of the art portal
  • Fully itemised monthly invoices which list all your callers, and clearly demonstrates where you being called from
  • Feature rich portfolio allowing us to be as creative as you want us to be
  • Years of experience in the industry that you can draw down on
  • Multiple carrier relationships across the world which enables us to port numbers from most carriers
  • Over 4000 virtual city phone numbers covering most of the world

About CityNumbers

We are viewed as one of the most diverse and creative communications companies in the UK. Our portfolio consists of UK phone numbers which include (0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers and 0871 numbers), Virtual telephone numbers (01 and 02 UK phone numbers), Virtual International Phone Numbers, International Toll Free Numbers, Fax to Email, Audio Conferencing and Call Answering.

Our philosophy is to provide creative solutions to customers who can control their services once we have delivered the product. For example our phone numbers can be managed online ensuring our customers have immediate control of call routing.

Based in Birmingham City Centre we cover the entire UK and have recently expanded our service delivery to companies in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

For more information on our products and services please either call us on 0207 760 7600, Send us an enquiry online or email us.

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Everything You Need to Know About Phone Numbers

UK Virtual Local Numbers

There are 2 types of different Virtual Numbers that we supply. The first are UK Virtual numbers (Also known as Areacall, Remote call forward, Ghost numbers and virtual landlines). These allow businesses, big and small, to have geographic numbers anywhere in the country without actually being located there. You could already have 0800 numbers and 0333 numbers, but you still might want to target the local areas or the major cities. Virtual UK numbers give you this option and provides your business the ideal opportunity to a local supplier rather than a faceless national company. From John O’Groats to Lands End, all regions are covered and the possibilities are endless. Just like other non-geographic numbers, Virtual UK Landline Numbers can be forwarded to any landline, mobile or international location and additional services such as Voicemail to email, IVR, Auto Attendant, Call Whisper and much more can also be applied.

UK Virtual landline numbers are our biggest seller as more and more companies want to appear local. Here is an example of a company that use the service. Distributor of Manchester United football memorabilia based in London wanted to have a presence in Manchester. We have provided them with a virtual 0161 number that points to their existing office in London (0207). We then added a service called "call whisper" to the line so that when they pick up the phone it says "this is a call on your Manchester Number". Rather than opening an office in Manchester they now have a virtual presence and their customers aren’t even aware that they are 150 miles away. They have taken this one stage further by employing a person with a Mancunian accent!

International Virtual Numbers

The international virtual numbers and UK virtual numbers are exactly the same; you can now advertise the fact that you have a local office in over 50 countries (over 4000 cities). International Virtual Numbers give you the ability to have any local city number worldwide and forward back to your existing phone number. Need a phone number in Las Vegas, New York, Sydney, Barcelona and Rome? Not a problem. International Virtual Phone Numbers are extremely popular and getting ever increasingly so with the rise in demand for global trading. If you are considering selling your services in international markets then don’t open an office, take on staff, learn the language and then try to wade through the red tape. Simply buy a local phone number in the country you are trying to expand into and test the waters. Not only will it be significantly cheaper but you will not have to get on that tiring flight just to check up on your team. So if you are looking to get ahead and expand into other countries (we supply numbers in over 50 worldwide countries) then look no further. Give us a call on our local numbers and let us take your business global!

International Toll Free

International Toll free numbers are the best way to get a global look and feel for your company while also using non-geographic numbers. This service allows you to take a free phone number in over 40 countries and have it diverted to any of your existing phone numbers (this includes UK landlines, Mobiles, International landlines or international mobiles). International Toll Free numbers are an ideal way to attract new customers from an international market. You do not need an office in any of the countries that we supply this service in and as the cost is low it gives you a chance to test a market. Almost every country has a difference free phone number range. For example USA toll free numbers start 1800 or 1866, Sweden Toll Free Numbers start 0207 and Italy Toll Free Numbers start 900. The numbers that we supply are provided to us from the local Telco and are not VOIP numbers. They are traditional toll free numbers from that particular country. We provide this service to some major organisations in the Banking arena, Pharmaceutical and Airline markets. With minimum terms on toll free numbers just 30 days it’s an easy decision to set one up.

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