Free Audio Conference Call Service

Absolutely no set up fee | No monthly or annual service charges


Free Audio Conference Call Service

Do you need to hold a meeting over the phone with more than one person?

If the answer is yes then you have to consider our free audio conferencing service. Benefits of our audio conference call service are:

  •  Absolutely no set up fee – FREE
  •  No monthly or annual service charges – FREE
  •  No need to book a time as your audio conference call service will always be available
  •  Your audio conference call will be secure as your pin number will be unique to you
  •  The audio conference service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

To use the Audio conference service you will need a secure pin number to hold your meetings over the phone. Here is how it works:

  1. Order your FREE Audio Conference pin number below – your pin number will be emailed to you as soon as you click submit.
  2. Arrange your audio conference meeting with your colleagues, friends or group tell them the date and time of the call and give them the phone number to call for the conference (08448 111 922)and pin number to access the secure audio conference.
  3. Call the audio conference number at the time you told the others and hold your meeting.
  4. When you have finished just replace the handset and that is it.

Ordering Free Audio Conference Call Service

Ordering our FREE audio conferencing service is very easy. We do NOT require any payment from you so we won’t ask for any Credit Card details or bank details.

Simply complete the below form and click submit and your Free Audio Conference pin number will be emailed to you immediately:

Why People use Audio Conferencing Services

  •   Save Money - If you calculate what is costs for say 5 people to go to a meeting (especially if they have to drive) it can spiral up to thousands of pounds. Most meetings no longer require the face to face element as decisions can be made remotely. Why bother spending all that money on FUEL when you can sit at your desk and have the meeting over the phone with all people present.
  •   Save Time - Spend your time and do something more constructive than driving to a meeting. The amount of man hours wasted by driving to a meeting runs into hundreds of thousands of hours a week. Why not try holding an audio conference with your team to see how it runs. At least you won’t be sat in traffic while your emails are building up back at the office!
  •   Be Green - If you hold a meeting over the phone using our Audio Conference service then think of the carbon footprint you have just saved. No emission from your car going to the meeting must be one of the biggest CO2 savings you can make.
  •   Get Heard - If you need to hold regular meetings with your team then this is the ideal solution. Get your team members to programm the conference number into their phone, remember the pin and you can hold as many team meetings as you need.

Free Audio Conference Call questions and answers:

Is there an annual or monthly fee for your audio conferencing service?

No - Our service is totally free to register and does not have any monthly or yearly fees associated. The only cost for this service is the cost to call the conference number 08448 111 922 (and this is only 4.3p per minute Ex VAT).

How quickly will i get my audio conference pin number?

As soon as you hit the submit button on our site an email will be sent to you with your unique pin number in. As soon as you receive this you are able to start to make conference calls.

Have you got lots of customers already using you?

Yes. We have thousands of happy customers who use City Numbers.

If this audio conference service is free then how to you make your money?

We get asked this question every day! The audio conference business is a volume related industry and we make a small amount of money from the call that is made to the 08448 111 922 number. The income from the calls allows us to provide the service free of charge to all our customers and make a margin.

Are you based in the UK and what is the quality like?

Yes we are a UK registered company and all our services are hosted in the UK. The call quality on our audio conference kit is the same as making a normal call. There is no risk in trying the service if you like - just order a pin number and give it a go. If you don't like it just throw away the pin - most of our customers love the service and use it over and over again!

Who do I pay to call the 0844 conference call number?

The cost of the call to the 0844 conference call number will appear on your existing phone provider's bill. Let's say for example that you use BT for your calls, when you call the conference service the cost of the call will be added to your existing BT bill.

What our Conference call customers say about our service

  •   I was sceptical about this because of the low cost but I have held several audio conferences since taking the free service and I have never looked back. Great service, always available and ready to use! - Jim A - Inverness
  •   We used to hold weekly team meetings to talk about the sales figures for the week. Now we just dial in and have a conference about them - it means that we don't have to leave our homes of a Friday to meet so we get to spend more time with the family. Dean P - Thirsk
  •   I am writing to inform you that we have used your conference service for the 1st time this week and it has transformed the way that we communicate internally. I think that regular conferences will be held as it is so easy to get everyone together. M Brewer - Midlands
  •   Due to the Snow this week we were all unable to get into the office. One of our Directors found your conferencing service on Google and we gave it a go. We were all able to dial in from home and have a meeting over the phone. Very cleaver service - thanks. M Roberts - Oxford