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Fax To Email

Fax to Email is a service that converts faxes that you receive to a PDF document and automatically sends them to your email address.

Faxes by Email Process:

  • 1The person sends you a fax to a fax number we provide you.
  • 2Our server recognises that the fax is for you.
  • 3The fax is converted into a PDF document and emailed to you.
  • 4You open the email and read the fax.


You can have a fax to email service on any kind of phone number, these include:

UK 01 and 02 geographic numbers, 0800 Fax Numbers, 0845 Fax Numbers, 0844 Fax Numbers and 0871 Fax Numbers. The only difference in what fax number to buy is the cost to you and the cost to the person faxing you. We have created a quick table that explains the cost to you and the person calling you for all our fax to email services.

Fax to Email Number One off set up fee    Monthly Rental    Cost per minute to receive fax    Cost for person to fax you    Add to Cart    
0800 Fax Number £5.00 £6.99 3p per minute at all times Free of Charge
0845 Fax Number £5.00 £6.99 0.5p per minute at all times Up to 7p + Access Charge
0844 Fax Number £5.00 £6.99 Free of Charge Up to 7p + Access Charge
0871 Fax Number £5.00 £6.99 Free of Charge Up to 13p + Access Charge
01 or 02 Geographic Fax Number £15.00 £6.99 3p per minute at all times Cost of a local or national call

Access Charge

When someone sends a fax to you; depending on the number, they are charged a service charge and an access charge.

The service charge is in the table above, where as the access charge is set by the callers phone line provider. The caller needs to check with their provider in regards the cost.


What Happens When You Order Your Fax to Email Service?

When you place an order for a fax to email number we will email you with your new fax number within minutes. As soon as you have your new fax number it will be live and ready to receive faxes.

If your fax to email service has a set up fee we will take this from your credit card in our secure online environment and if there is a rental we will collect this monthly fee from you using our Direct Debit scheme.

Order your fax to email service here and start receiving faxes to your email address now!

Benefits of Fax to Email

  • You do not need a fax machine to receive faxes any more
  • The email address that you have faxes sent to can be changed free of charge
  • You can forward faxes received by email to other email addresses
  • Fax to email has a minimum 30 day notice period – ideal for short term campaigns
  • Fax to email cuts down on paper usage which is good for the environment

If you have any questions about our fax to email service please feel free to call us on 0207 760 7600

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