0845 Numbers

Buy a 0845 number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.


0845 Numbers

Being one of the most popular non-geographic numbers in the UK, the 0845 number is a great asset for any company. Being able to hide your geographic location is a benefit to most companies and is also the cheapest option for the people calling. All 0845 numbers are seven digits long and some consist of very memorable patterns, making them easy for people to remember.

Obviously the better the 7 digit number the more expensive they cost, however due to the increasingly limited amount of 0845 numbers around these days getting a memorable one is a must, but you have to act fast!

0845 Numbers

Business Starter


a month
£10 Set up Fee
  • Online Management
  • Divert on Busy
  • Voicemail
  • Call Whisper

popular choice



a month
£10 Set up Fee
  • Online Management
  • Divert on Busy
  • Voicemail
  • Call Whisper
  • Welcome Greeting
  • IVR (Auto Attendant)
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queuing
  • Time of Day Routing

best value for money

Advertising Your 0845 Number

Advertising 084x numbers now requires you to make it clear to your customers about the cost to call (as of 1st July, 2015).

We will make you aware of your 'cost to call' on order completion, but if you don't know your 'cost to call', please call us on 0207 760 7600.

Example Message: "Calls will cost 7 pence per minute, plus your phone company's access charge."

What Type of Service Can You Expect?


The last thing you need is for the service not to work. That is why we select only the best UK carriers to support our 0845 infrastructure. We choose only Teir one carriers to route our traffic and these include British Telecom (BT), Cable & Wireless (C&W) and Carphone Networks (Opal). These 3 networks are highly regarded as the best in the UK and you can be safe in the knowledge that service issues are extremely rare.


Management information is becoming a more important factor when using 0845 phone numbers. Who has called me? When did they call? How long have I been on the phone for? Our system will give you all this information, at your fingertips and in real time (if you need it!). Every month we will send you a statement that clearly demonstrates all the useful facts. We will itemise all calls received on your 0845 number, we will include the phone number of the person who has called you (providing they don’t with hold their number), you will see exactly how long you have been on the phone for and where your most popular callers are ringing you from.


We have put our faith in our service! By this we mean that if you are not happy with the service we provide, you will be allowed to move your 0845 number away at just 30 days notice. It is very rare that this happens as the service runs very smoothly indeed. We carry millions of calls a year without a hitch. If you make the decision to use us you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that we will worry about your numbers.


We have spoken to thousands of companies who have been given free 0845 numbers from our competition only for them to lose their number at some stage in the future. Our service will never be the cheapest and 'free' does not deliver us any margin to support our quality. We do however make sure that our pricing is competitive and in line with our major competition. Our pricing structure is built on being fair whilst delivering us enough margin to support your service.


The market has developed significantly over the last decade. We believe that we are one of the pioneer companies that has assisted with its development. 0845 numbers can now work twice as hard for you. Don’t just point the number to a mobile or landline, think about how it can take messages for you during closing times, queue your callers so that you never miss a call or even let it tell you that it is a call from a particular advert when you pick up the phone. The 0845 revolution is not over and we are developing products all the time. If it is innovation you need then talk to us about your requirements and be amazed with what can be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

QHow Do 0845 Numbers Work?

AThe basic principal is that we connect one of our 0845 numbers to your existing phone number (this can be a landline, mobile or international phone number). People who then call you on your new number will be immediately routed through to your existing phone number. This all happens in split seconds and there is now delay at all.

QCan People Still Call Me On My Original Number?

AYes, all we do is piggy back the 0845 number on top of your existing phone number(s). This doesn’t affect any of your existing services and people can still call you on your original number.

QCan I Point My 0845 Number to a Mobile Phone?

AYes, this is easy. The only difference between pointing to a mobile phone and a landline is the cost. When we direct an 0845 number to a mobile we incur a cost to route the call to your mobile network. We basically pass this cost onto you as a pence per minute.

QMy Customers Cost to Call From a Mobile Phone?

AThis is our most popular question. It is difficult to answer as there are 5 main mobile companies in the UK, each with hundreds of tariffs. The average cost to call from a mobile is between 10p and 25p per minute. The best way to answer this is to speak to your mobile phone provider and ask them the question.

QMy Customers Cost to Call From a Landline Phone?

AThis is also a popular question and again difficult to answer. BT have recently made calls free on some tariffs. Again there are hundreds of landline providers out there, each with different prices to call 0845 numbers. On average we have found that the cost to call from a standard landline should be in the region of 3p per minute + VAT.

QSome 0845 Numbers Cost More Than Others to Set Up – Why Is This?

AMost of our numbers only cost £5 to set up, but the numbers that are memorable (also known as gold numbers) will cost more. Memorable 0845 numbers are the premier of numbers. If you are advertising on the TV, Radio or even in the press these will make it easy for people to remember your details. It will also give you massive credibility as the general public will know that easy to remember phone numbers cost a lot. As stock of gold numbers runs lower and lower the price for them will increase. There is not an endless supply of these numbers so you will need to act quickly.
Remember – you can always sell it on if you no longer need it (there is a great 2nd hand market for gold numbers – we may even take it back off you).

QI Would Like to Pay You by Direct Debit Is This Possible?

AYes, we normally set up a Direct Debit to collect the monthly fee. As these are usually low amounts it is the easiest way for us to collect. We also accept all of the major credit cards, BACS, Cash (paid into our company account only), Paypal and Cheque.

QCan Change Where It Points to?

AThere are a few ways to manage your number with us. During our opening hours you can send us an email to request a number change (these are all free of charge options). If you want to manage your 0845 number directly then we can build you a secure, online portal that will allow you to make changes immediately. The portal will be available 24/7/365 so if you need a change at the weekend when we are closed then this is possible. Our online management portal only costs £2.99 per month.

QWhen I Dial Out I Want People to See My 0845 Number – Can You Do This?

AThis can be done, it is a service called Calling Line Identity Presentation or CLIP for short. This service will be provided to you by your phone line provider. As we do not manage your existing phone lines we aren’t able to do this for you, but if you call them and ask for CLIP to be added to your line they will establish the service for you. You must give them the full 0845 number that we have supplied to you and ask them to use this as your presentation phone number.

QCan My 0845 Number Be Called From a Different Country?

AWe cannot guarantee that calls to any 0845 number will work from International locations. There is no official list as to which countries allow routing as this is normally local operatator specific.

0845 Number Benefits

  •   Disguise Your Location
  • 0845 numbers are not geographically aligned. You can be based in the Orkney Islands and your customers would never need to know. In fact you can point an it anywhere in the world so there are no limits at all.
  •   Haven’t Got an Office?
  • Some of our customers don’t have an office to point their 0845 number to, which is why routing to a mobile has become so popular. Buy an 0845 number and have it pointed to your mobile – it will make it look like you have an office.
  •   Move Address Without Regret
  • Companies rarely stay still and with an 0845 number if you move it can move with you - ANYWHERE!
  •   Advert Tracking
  • Simply place a different 0845 number on each of your adverts and we will generate reports for you on each number showing you exactly how many calls you have received. We can even create a report that does a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation – simply give us the advert cost, the average sale value per call and we will do the rest. Any adverts not delivering calls? Simply contact your advertising agency and stop using them.
  •   Online Management
  • Need to change where your 0845 number is going to? Just log on and make the change in seconds. Online management is an optional extra and only costs an additional £2.99 per month.
  •   Forward Planning
  • Plan for disasters like office fires, bomb threats, bad weather conditions and so on. If you need to close your office in an emergency we can have a disaster recovery plan set up so that your customers will not know that you have a closure.
  •   Remember Remember
  • Think about spending a little extra on a gold number. If you make it easy for people to remember your phone number, then they will call you. More calls usually means more sales!
  •   Short Term
  • Don’t panic if you need to close down your 0845 number. All of our customers enjoy the benefit of having just 30 days notice to close services down. Account closures must be done in writing, but an email will be OK.

What Our Customers Say About Our 0845 Numbers

About 0845 Numbers

If you have any questions regarding our 0845 number service please feel free to contact us. We can be called on 0207 760 7600, on SKYPE, or use our online live chat.

Organisations in the UK and abroad use 0845 numbers for different applications. Here is a small selection of why people use them:

  •   Companies want to hide their location so that they can attract customers from other areas in the UK. A 0845 number will hide where they are based and could encourage callers from further afield.
  •   A company may want a memorable 0845 to advertise on the Radio or TV. You only get about 10 seconds to make people remember you. Make sure they can easily remember your phone number so that they can call you to place an order.
  •   0845 numbers are classed as local rate numbers and should only cost about 3p per minute to call from most landlines (some BT packages make it free to call 0845). Calls from mobile phones to 0845 can cost up to 25p per minute depending on what mobile network you use.
  •   0845 numbers can also be used as fax numbers. Our 0845 fax to email service will receive faxes and send them to your email address as a PDF.

Additional Information About 0845 Numbers

0845 numbers are sold to companies by providers like us. There are hundreds of companies like ours in the UK, but our business model is all about providing phone numbers (we don’t dilute our knowledge by offering thousands of other services). Phone numbers in the UK are regulated by Ofcom (the UK telecommunications regulator). We get all of our 0845 numbers from Tier one carriers like BT, C&W and Carphone Networks. All 0845 numbers are allocated to us by Ofcom in batches of 10,000 (these are called number ranges). These number ranges are then passed down to you (the customer) as single or sometimes multiple numbers. If a company are trying to sell you a 0845 number and tell you it is for life, then please be careful! Ofcom are still the body that owns the number ranges we just have the capability to pass them on. 0845 numbers can be ported between certain providers and we have agreements with about 18 other major providers, meaning that if you are unhappy with your 0845 provider then you can port your number to someone else. If you would like to port your 0845 number to us from somewhere else please visit our phone number porting page.

0845 numbers have existed for well over a decade and are well known in the UK. There are hundreds of thousands of numbers in use and we believe that this product has longevity, even though we have seen sentiment move towards 0844 numbers.