Phone Number Porting

Phone number porting is an industry standard process that allows customers to freely move their phone number or numbers between providers. The number porting process covers all kinds of phone numbers, these include:

  •   Porting 0800 Numbers
  •   Porting 0845 Numbers
  •   Porting 0844 Numbers
  •   Porting 0871 Numbers
  •   Porting Geographic numbers (UK 01 or 02 Numbers)

As the number porting process is standardised all providers have to adhere to certain procedures which protect you as an end user. Porting a number to us will NOT result in any down time of your number as it is a seamless process. If the porting process is followed correctly then it should only take between 7 to 10 days to port a number. Some of the suppliers that we have ported from in the past have managed to extend this process to 30 days but this will be the maximum time.

Reasons to Port Your Number to Us

Most people port numbers to us for 3 very good reasons:

  •   Cost - Our highly competitive pricing allows most companies to reduce the cost of their existing numbers just by moving them to us.
  •   Additional Features - A real time, online portal that gives our customers full control.
  •   Customer Support - All our customers comment on our excellent support and informative bills. Who we can port numbers from

We can currently port numbers from the below providers. If you are taking a service from a company not on the list them please don't worry as they may be a reseller for the carrier and we can still port the number. If you would like us to check your number to see if it can be ported please call us and we will double check:

  •   Cable & Wireless
  •   BT (British Telecom)
  •   Opal
  •   Thus (who are now C&W)
  •   Gamma
  •   Energis (who are now C&W)
  •   NTL/Telewest (Virgin Media)
  •   Kingston
  •   Nevada
  •   Telstra
  •   Totem (who are now Opal)
  •   Verizon (used to be WorldCom)

Contact Us for Porting Questions

If you are interested in porting your existing phone number to us please contact us using our online form or call us and we can help you through the process.