Welcome to the City Numbers Reseller Portal

Becoming a City Numbers reseller is an easy process, but you must have the following to qualify:-

  •  Your own Billing Platform that will allow you to bill your own customers using our CDR’s.

If you do not have a billing platform that you can look at becoming a reseller or we can point you in the direction of billing companies who can provide you with a billing platform.

If you have your own billing platform, then you can add the below services to your existing portfolio:-

  •   International local phone numbers (i.e. New York Phone number)
  •   International toll free numbers (i.e. Germany 0800 number)
  •   UK local area numbers (i.e. 01 or 02 numbers – over 400 locations)
  •   UK 08 numbers (0800, 0845, 0843, 0844, 0871)
  •   UK 03 numbers (0300, 0333, 0845, 0370 etc)
  •   Value added services (i.e. fax to email, Call Whisper, IVR’s etc)

We are able to provide inbound phone numbers in over 100 international locations including the UK. More and more companies now require international local numbers to be able to support their customers. Our reseller package allows you to add over 100 countries to your portfolio without the headache of multiple CDR’s and currency fluctuations.

Why We Attract Some of the Best Telecoms Resellers

  1. We provide you a single CDR which covers all of our international locations.
  2. We invoice you in sterling so that you don’t have to worry about international currency fluctuations.
  3. Our CDR formats are standard and are already being uploaded into the most popular platforms such as aBillity, Tempest, Safe Online Billing, Union Street and many more.
  4. Our account management is world class and you will be supported on all new deals.
  5. We maintain all the international and UK carrier relationships so that you don’t have to.

Margin is fantastic on international numbers and you should earn a great percentage on our buy rates but the real attraction is that when you provide one of your customers with international services they become very sticky and are less likely to move away from you.

Microsoft Partners

If you are a Microsoft Partner and your clients use Microsoft Teams, you can now offer your clients a significant upgrade with Teams Connect. Microsoft Teams has already streamlined their internal communications, email and video conferencing… so help them to extend the experience to external phone calling as well.

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