Phone Number Testing

We specialise in providing phone number testing in over 110 countries.
What makes us different is that we use real people to make the test calls in these countries and not computers.

Phone Number Testing Service

All of our phone number tests are completed by a human, from a landline in country and a mobile phone (cell phone) in country.The test results we supply will show you:

  •   If your local phone number works
  •   What the call quality is like
  •   If the call was completed with any issues
  •   If there is any crosstalk (other conversations on the line)
  •   If there was a fast busy signal
  •   If there was “dead air” (silence) during the call
  •   If there is any echo on the call
  •   If there is a clear line with a good connection
  •   Was there any static on the call
  •   Did a human answer and what did they say
  •   Was the number valid or was it disconnected
  •   Is there any post dial delay

We can also (if required) record the call and send you a copy of the recording so that you can listen to the test.

Why companies use us for Phone Number Testing

Companies with toll free numbers need us to test numbers locally as these numbers can’t be tested from overseas. Companies who have conference call numbers all over the world need to check that they are working and ready to accept callers. New phone numbers that are allocated to companies need to be tested to ensure they are built correctly and can be called from landlines and mobile phones. Companies have numbers that rarely get used and need to check that carriers have not ceased the number for low usage. We test numbers that have faults on them so that we can help with the diagnosis.

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