UK Virtual Number

Buy a virtual UK number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.

Numbers are set up onthe same day of ordering*

* Set up on the same day if orders placed between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday and subject to stock

UK Virtual Number

Virtual UK phone numbers are also known as local numbers, Areacall numbers, Ghost Numbers and remote call forward numbers.

Local virtual numbers are mainly used by companies who want to advertise in an area of the UK where they do not have an office. The virtual numbers we supply simply get forwarded to your existing landline or mobile making you look local.

We currently supply local phone numbers in over 470 UK STD codes and we also supply international phone numbers if you want to look international.

Numbers available in more than 470 UK cities

Our virtual phone numbers are easy to set up, have no long term contracts and are very cost effective.

Accounts are subject to Minimum Invoice Value - please check Terms and Conditions

An Example of How to Use UK Virtual Numbers

A local builder based just outside of London in Richmond was securing business in his local area because he advertised his local number. Although he was only 10 minutes away from London he never got a call because he didn’t advertise an 0207 or 0208 number. We supplied his business with a virtual London number which forwarded to his landline and mobile making him look like he had an office in London. When he advertised the number he found that people called him because they believed that he was local to them.

If you have any questions about Virtual numbers please feel free to call us on any of our local numbers at the top of this page. Below are some questions that we always get asked regarding this service.

Please Find Below Some Example Uses of UK Virtual Numbers:

If you are running multiple companies from one location you can differentiate your calls by giving each of them a number. When the call is received we can play a whisper on the line so that it tells you what business the call is for.

If you are advertising in the Yellow Pages use a local number that is the same as the area you are advertising in. You will get more calls from people who think you are "just around the corner".

If you are in the Yellow Pages advertise in multiple books and use our virtual numbers to give the impression that you are local.