International Toll Free Numbers

STEP 1 - Choose the country where you want to purchase a toll free phone number





What Are International Toll Free?

The International toll free number service allows you to provide a solution to your current and potential customers in international locations.
Instead of your overseas customer calling you internationally, you can instead obtain a toll free number for their country and appear local to them and save them money, which encourages calls.
Because we can forward these numbers to almost anywhere in the world, there is no need for you to move locations or setup extra offices.

Toll Free Numbers are the most cost effective way to attract customers from other countries.

We provide international toll free numbers in over 100 countries and we carry stock of popular countries so that we can release numbers on the same day of you placing an order.

Minimum Invoice Value

Please note there is a Minimum Invoice Value
£125 per month
 per account,
as per the City Numbers Default Account Plan effective

Benefits of Using our Services

Experienced staff

Experienced staff, capable of dealing with all your enquires.


We carry stock of the most popular countries allowing us to allocate numbers to you immediately..

Online control

You can manage where you point your number to online.

No long-term

The minimum contract term for all our international toll free numbers is just 30 days.

Detailed bills

We provide real time call stats on all numbers.