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Incoming Call Features

Phone numbers have become a more and more customisable as technology has developed. 90% of the numbers we sell have an additional feature attached to them so that the phone number works harder for the user.

Here is a list of the additional services that we currently provide on our number ranges

Call WhisperCall Whisper

"Tells you what number your caller is phoning you on" more »


"Personalised voicemail service – sends voicemail to your email" more »

Fax to emailFax to Email

"Receive faxes straight to your email" more »

IVR (Auto Attendant)IVR (Auto Attendant)

"Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, and so on…." more »

Phone Call RecordingPhone Call Recording

"Record your inbound calls and store them for the future" more »

Call QueuingCall Queuing

"Queue callers so that you never miss another call" more »

Online Call StatisticsOnline Management and Call Statistics

"monitor your traffic online in real time and make changes to your numbers" more »

Divert calls when busyDivert Calls When Busy

"answer calls on other numbers when you are on the phone" more »

Time of Day RoutingTime of Day Routing

"pre set your opening times and record out of hours voicemail" more »

Outbound Call RecordingOutbound Call Recording

"record outbound calls and have the recording emailed to you" more »

If you cant see any service that you are interested in then please call us on one of our numbers above. We can build bespoke call plans for your business so that your number works harder for you.

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