Time of Day Routing Time of Day Routing

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If you have a specific opening time for your business and you would like to take calls on your mobile when you are closed then consider this. Time of day routing allows you to pre set a rule to route calls to numbers at specific time of the day.

Here Is How Time of Day Works:

    1. You take a new number with us or port a number to us.
    2. We build a time plan on your number and route calls to your numbers at their given times.
    3. When someone calls you the routing plan knows what time it is and sends the call to the correct location.
    4. You can also set up an out of hours voicemail for free if you need to, telling people when your opening hours are.

Once the call plan is set up you never have to remember to divert your phone as our system will do it automatically. Even when the clocks go back or forward we manage the time for you.

If ever you need to alter where the calls are routed to at a specific time just let us know and we will make sure it is applied to your call plan.

If you would like any further information regarding time of day routing please feel free to call us.

Here Is an Example of a Normal Time of Day Routing Plan:

Weekday Midnight to 8am: Routes to out of hours voicemail
Weekday 8am to 9am: Routing to Bosses mobile as the office is closed
Weekday 9am to 5pm: Routing to the office main number
Weekday 5pm to 6pm: Routing to Bosses mobile as the office is closed
Weekday 6pm to Midnight: Routes to out of hours voicemail
Weekend 9am to 4pm: Routes to Bosses mobile to take calls
Weekend other times: Routes to out of hours voicemail

Add TIME OF DAY ROUTING to your package, to intelligently route your calls!

You can join Time of Day Routing with the following services:

Fax To Email Call Whisper Welcome Greeting Voicemail Divert on Busy Call Queuing Online Management Call Recording IVR (Auto Attendant) Minimum Invoice Value (Not Included in Bundle)