Voicemail Voicemail

Setup: FREE    Monthly Rental: FREE

Have your voicemails emailed to you when you take out a phone number with us, allowing for a convenient service for when you are unavailable. Here is how it works:

  1. A customer calls your new phone number.
  2. You aren’t available so the caller goes to your personalised voicemail.
  3. The caller leaves a voicemail for you.
  4. As soon as the call ends the voicemail is emailed to you.
  5. You listen to the voicemail file on PC or a supporting device.

The voicemail files that we send you are .WAV files and can be opened using almost any device. Remember you must have speakers on your PC to listen to the voicemail!

The real beauty of this service is if you have mobile email on devices like the iPhone or Blackberry. When we send you an email with your voicemail enclosed you can listen to the voicemail while you are on the move.

If you wanted to take this one stage further you can have 2 voicemail services on one number. One for the times you are open and one for the out of hours message. You tell us when you are open and we will set up a personalised greeting for these times. Tell us when you are closed and we will set up an out of hours voicemail telling your callers when you are open. Both voicemails will allow your callers to leave a message which will be converted to a wav file and emailed to you.

A perfect service for the professional who is on the move. Add IVR Voicemail to your package!

You can join Voicemail with the following services:

Fax To Email Call Whisper Welcome Greeting Divert on Busy Time of Day Routing Call Queuing Online Management Call Recording IVR (Auto Attendant) Minimum Invoice Value (Not Included in Bundle)