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This is another popular service in our portfolio. Many of our customers have a limited number of phone lines and sometimes when it gets busy an engaged tone is given to their customers. If there is one thing that we hate here at City Numbers it’s an engaged tone, it tells your customers that you are too busy and don’t have enough resources to manage their account. You will often find that if you are engaged and it’s a sales call, the caller will move onto one of your competition; resulting in lost business!

If you don’t want to install more lines (which does cost a lot to do) then call queuing is your answer to never missing a call.

Here Is How Call Queuing Works:

  1. You take a new number from us (any kind of number).
  2. We build your number with call queuing on:
    • a. You can choose to queue up to 50 callers.
    • b. You can choose to tell the caller the position in the queue.
    • c. You can choose comfort messages.
    • d. You can choose oh hold music.
    • e. You can ask your customer to leave a message if the queue is too long.
  3. We point the new number to your existing office.
  4. Someone calls you on your new number.
  5. If your phone is busy we will automatically queue the call.
  6. As soon as you become free we patch the call through to you.
  7. You speak to your customer who may have gone elsewhere!

Here is an example of the call queuing music that we currently provide:
Music 1 Music 2 Music 3 Music 4 Music 5 Music 6

Here is an example of the comfort messages that we can play to your customers while they are in the call queue:
Comfort 1 Comfort 2 Comfort 3 Comfort 4 Comfort 5 Comfort 6

Call queuing will save you the embarrassment of the engaged tone which does have a stigma attached to it. You don’t need any equipment installed on your site, we do it all for you!

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If you have any questions about queuing phone calls please feel free to speak to one of the team on any of the numbers above.

You can join Call Queuing with the following services:

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