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Call whisper is our top selling service for all of our phone numbers. It is a service that informs you what the call is for before the customer is connected to you. Here is how it works:

  1. Someone calls your new phone number that we provide you.
  2. The phone starts to ring in their ear.
  3. Your phone starts to ring and you pick up.
  4. A Whisper message is played to you telling you what the call is.
  5. The caller is connected and you start to talk.

The "Whisper Message" can say anything you want but here is what most people say in their call whispers:

  •   "This is a call from the website number"
  •   "This is a call from a Yell advert"
  •   "This is a call on our London number"
  •   "This is a business call"
  •   "Call for (COMPANY NAME)"

The service is ideal if you are running a business from home with one line. We can provide you with a new number and call whisper and you can tell immediately that the call is for your company and not from your Aunt!

Call whisper will also give you an immediate return on investment indication for call tracking purposes. For example – you place an advert in the local paper with a new number, when someone calls the new number it whispers to you "call from advert in local paper". You know right there that the advert has worked and you will spend more money in that publication. If you don’t get any calls with the whisper you know not to advertise with them again and spend your money elsewhere.

Add Call Whisper to your package

Call whisper – "Shhhhh, it’s a secret!"

You can join Call Whisper with the following services:

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