Work remotely, side-by-side, with Sococo

Sococo is an online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day.

Whether your team members are down the hall, across town, or halfway around the world, Sococo makes it easy to communicate and collaborate in your organization’s online office — and it’s now available in the CopperTree Unlimited library.


The World’s Leading Brands Use Sococo

Why Sococo?

Sococo works just like a physical office, enabling you to see if your colleagues are at their desk, in a breakout room, in a conference, or even at the coffee machine. It increases productivity, boosts connection, and fosters spontaneous collaboration by letting you drop in, say hi, grab a room and get to work.

  • Overcome barriers of physical distance by showing up to the same online office
  • Build and grow relationships with team members around the world
  • Improve productivity, connection, and alignment
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Work together as if you would in a physical space

Now available through CopperTree Unlimited

Sococo adds another powerful tool for remote work to the CopperTree Unlimited library. It’s fast and easy to deploy, so your team can start seeing the benefits of a more connected distributed workforce right away.


"Sococo made an immediate, positive impact on our team. The ability to instantly contact anyone regardless of their location has resulted in increased communication and a true team mentality. Businesses looking to keep their remote workforces connected need look no further than Sococo."

Hiroki Chiba, CEO

Ready to see Sococo in action?