Local Belgium Phone Numbers

STEP 2 - Choose the city where you want to purchase a local phone number:






Pricing - Belgium Belgium

Country code: 32

Set up Fee:

Monthly Rental:

Pence Per Minute:
If to a landline: 3.0p

Pence Per Minute:
If to a mobile: 11.0p

The minimum term
is just 30 days

All prices exclude VAT.

Local Belgium Phone Numbers

When dealing with advertising abroad, it can get very expensive, however with City Numbers you can make the expense disappear. We supply local Belgium phone numbers to help people establish their product or services within Belgium.

It can be very costly to move out to Belgium and set up a location and premises without first knowing what you are getting into, or you could even have a solution that requires you to only need a set up in Belgium for 6months to 1 year. Well then our local Belgium phone numbers work out a lot cheaper than that and you only have a 30 day contract, easy.


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