Bulk Text Messaging

Broadcast your SMS message to as many people as you want all by the click of a few buttons


100 Texts


one off cost
100 Texts Included

300 Texts


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300 Texts Included

500 Texts


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500 Texts Included

1000 Texts


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1000 Texts Included

5000 Texts


one off cost
5000 Texts Included

Need more than 5,000 texts? Contact us for a bespoke package.

Buy SMS Broadcast

Sometimes you will need to get a message out to all your customers quickly or you may want to send out a special promotion to your customer base.

Gone are the days of writing letters, mail merging the details, sticking them into envelopes and fixing a stamp. People want to know the latest news and want to know it fast!

This is why we have developed an online text messaging service that broadcasts your SMS message to as many people as you want all by the click of a few buttons.

Our online sms broadcast service is free to set up and very easy to use. All you pay for is the number of texts that you send at any one time. Costs for sending text messages from a PC are as follows:-

  • Set up fee – Free of charge
  • Monthly Rental – Free of charge
  • No long term contracts – just pay for the text bundle and they sit in your account until used
  • No hidden costs at all

Frequently Asked Questions

QDo your text message bundle prices include VAT?

ANo. All our pricing on this site is excluding VAT. A full VAT invoice will be supplied following purchase.

QIf I purchase 1000 texts but I only send 400 what happens to the rest?

AIf you buy 1000 text messages then your account will be credited with 1000 texts. If you use 400 then you will still have a balance of 600 texts left in your account.

QWill my balance of text messages ever expire?

ANo. As long as you have paid in advance for your text messages they will not expire.

QCan I set my text message bundle to send at a specific time say Christmas Day?

AYes. This is a fully automated service and requires no human intervention. Some of our customers have pre set Christmas and New Year text messages set to send to their customers.

QHow many characters are available for me to write per text message?

AYou have 160 characters in each text message. Plenty of space to get your message across.

QHow can I pay for the text message bundle?

AYou can order online using your credit card, paypal or you can contact us to make a bank transfer.

QHow do I log into your portal to sent text messages?

AOnce payment has been received for your text message bundle we will issue you with a client ID, Username and Password.

QHow quickly is the sms broadcast sent as soon as I hit send?

AAs soon as you hit send our systems start the process of sending the messages unless you choose to schedule the time and date to send.

What additional services do you get with your SMS Broadcast Service?

  •   Brand Your SMS Broadcast
    Brand your sent text message so that when people receive it they know it is from you. You are allowed to use numbers or words in this section up to 11 characters.
  •   Schedule Your SMS Broadcast
    You can choose to send your text message immediately or schedule it for some time in the future.
  •   Create User Groups to Send Bulk SMS to
    If you send messages regularly to the same people, store them in a group so that you don’t have to enter their details every time.
  •   Auto Blacklist Mobile Numbers so You Don’t Bulk SMS
    if a customer has requested to be removed from your marketing list then just add their mobile to the blacklist! This will remove the number from any future campaign and will never let you send a text message to them again.
  •   Create Message Templates
    Send the same text message week after week? Just store your template in your online portal which will save you time
  •   Upload 1000’s of Mobile Numbers to Bulk Text
    If you have an existing database or spreadsheet of phone numbers then you can simply upload these numbers to the online portal and send a bulk text message to them all.
  •   Delivery Reports
    You will be able to check all of the bulk text message campaigns you have sent, showing you the details of the message, how many were sent and how many were delivered.
  •   Account Management
    If you need further support with your bulk Text Messaging they you can always call your account manager for assistance.