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Canada Phone Numbers

You can now buy local Canada phone numbers and divert them to any existing phone number in the world. Most of our Canadian phone number customers are based in the UK and point to their existing landline here. Companies do this to make them look as if they have an office in Canada, helping to attract new customers or even support existing contracts internationally with ease.

Our most popular Canada numbers consist of: Niagara phone numbers, Ottawa phone numbers, Quebec phone numbers, Toronto phone numbers and Vancouver phone numbers.

If you are looking to buy a Canada phone number to make you look local then you have to speak to us. Please feel free to read more about our Canada numbers below.

If you would prefer a Canada Toll Free number then please click on this link Canada Toll Free Number.

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Additional Information


Canada phone numbers share the same country code as the USA - Country code +1.


Our local Canada phone numbers allow you to advertise in any of the major cities and have the call routed back to your existing office.

Here is an example -

You have a business that wants to sell shoes to customers in Toronto and Quebec (both major cities in Canada). You are a company based in London in the UK, but you are desperate to crack the Canadian market. Rather than opening an office in Canada and travelling there 4 times a year you would just set up a local virtual number Canada phone number in both Toronto and Quebec, advertise these numbers and when people call them you answer the phone in the UK. You may need to open your UK office at different times, but that is the only change you need to make.

Buying a Canadian local number will allow you to test international markets with very little risk. Remember if your marketing campaigns don't work then you just close the number down (we only have a minimum term of 30 days for Canada phone numbers).

If you need any assistance regaridng our Canada phone number then please pick up the phone and speak to one of our advisors. We will be happy to help you.