Norway Phone Numbers

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Norway Phone Numbers

Do you need a Norwegian phone number? City Numbers make obtaining an international contact numbers easy and affordable.

We can provide your company with a Norway phone number quickly. Callers are directed to an existing landline or mobile based in the UK or even if required we can also point your new Norwegian number to any worldwide location.

With low monthly line rental, you can capture a new customer base without locating an office in Norway and boost your company’s sales when it needs it the most.

Our simple order process will allow you to set up your new Norwegian number. Our professional customer services team will answer any questions you may have about the benefits of setting up a Norway virtual number.

*Norway require a proof of address for local numbers, please call us on 08448 222 666 for more information.

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Most of our customers take Phone Numbers in Oslo.


Norway Norway

  • Country code: 47
  • Set up Fee: £10.00
  • Monthly Rental: £8.00
  • Pence Per Minute:
    If to a landline: 6.0p,
      if to a mobile: 17.0p
  • Minimum term is just 30 days
  • International Routing - Charges

All prices exclude VAT.