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Spain Phone Numbers

Spain has one of the largest number of Ex-pats who want to escape the UK for a better climate and lifestyle. There are thousands of people who have moved to Spain to live and have set up a business.

Now you don't have to move to Spain to look like you have a Spanish office. Our virtual Spain phone numbers (one of the most popular countries in our portfolio behind USA phone numbers) will allow you to advertise a Spain phone number as if you have an office there. It's a fact that people and companies in Spain only buy from local companies. If you are a UK business trying to sell your services into Spain with a UK phone number then you are already creating barriers. The solution is simple - buy a Spain phone number (we have many cities available) and have that phone number pointed to your existing UK landline or mobile. When a person calls you on your Spanish phone number you will be able to answer it from the comfort of your office or home in the UK.

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Additional Information

Spain phone numbers allow you to trade overseas without all the pain off opening offices, taking on staff, learning a different language and navigating through all of the red tape. The set up time is quick and you can be advertising your new Spain phone number in a matter of hours.

Some useful information about Spain phone numbers:-

  • The country code for Spain is +34
  • Telephone numbers in Spain are a maximum of 9 digits long after the country code
  • There are Spain Toll Free Phone numbers which start 800
  • Spain phone numbers are regulated by Comision del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones
  • Spain mobile phone numbers always start with a 6 or a 7