New York Phone Numbers

  • Set up Fee: FROM £10.00
  • Monthly Rental: £7.00
  • Pence Per Minute: If to a landline: 3.0p, if to a mobile: 11.0p
  • Minimum term is just 30 days

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Pricing - USA USA, New York

City code: 646

Set up Fee:

Monthly Rental:

Pence Per Minute:
If to a landline: 3.0p

Pence Per Minute:
If to a mobile: 11.0p

The minimum term
is just 30 days

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New York Phone Numbers

If your company needs to show that you have an office in New York so that you can win contracts in the USA then you need to read on.

Our New York phone number service will provide you with a phone number in New York which can be pointed to your existing landline or mobile in the UK (we can point these numbers to any location worldwide if necessary).

Our service is certainly cheaper than taking on staff and offices in New York and New York phone numbers are usually set up within hours (during working hours only).

Our service is very simple to use and requires no additional equipment. All we do is set up a New York phone number which overlays directly onto your existing phone number. Our service doesn't interupt your existing line and your callers will not know that the call is being diverted to another country.

Simply follow the order process and set up your New York phone number today.

New York is broken up into multiple zones. We currently have the ability to provide New York numbers in the following Zones:-

+1 646

+1 347

+1 929

Stock levels can fluctuate so please contact us directly if you are after a particular location in New York.

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Buy a New York phone number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.


Additional Information


Due to the high level of fraudulent orders we receive we will be checking all orders manually. Your IP address will be logged and full credit checks will be completed on your company.  We will make contact with every order to ensure that you are genuine

If you are an individual (person) ordering this service the order will fail as this service is for business use only.