Austrian Local Number

  • Set up Fee: FROM £10.00
  • Monthly Rental: £8.00
  • Pence Per Minute: If to a landline: 6.0p, if to a mobile: 17.0p
  • Minimum term is just 30 days

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Austrian Local Number

Thanks to our quick and easy set up, City Numbers can enable you to reach out to those who are not on your doorstep. Call the number given at the top of the web page and speak to one of our helpful team regarding your local Austrian phone number.


Pricing - Austria Austria, Austria

City code: 43

Set up Fee:

Monthly Rental:

Pence Per Minute:
If to a landline: 6.0p

Pence Per Minute:
If to a mobile: 17.0p

The minimum term
is just 30 days

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Additional Information

Take advantage of a the potential custom in an area without the need to move offices or employ new staff. A virtual number alllows you to make the connection with a particular customer base without the hassle of physically being there. Buy a local Austrian number today to explore endless oppurtunities within your business network.